What is Osteopathy?

  • It must be noted that Osteopathy is a primary Health care profession.
  • Practice believes the human body is constantly striving to maintain a state of balance and attempting to recover from stresses placed upon it through daily postural or behavioral grinds and traumatic events.
  • However, like anything, the body’s resources for coping are not endless and from time to time, the body may shout for help in the form of pain or other sensations.

This can be demonstrated by giving you an example of a typical patient:

Mr X walks into the clinic presenting with acute low back pain, visibly locked in a side bent position after only just “putting their socks on”. He is convinced it was this one action that debilitated him. However the body does not work this way. It takes weeks, months or years of repetitive activity to build stresses in an area creating vulnerability in the first place. Hence putting on the socks for this patient was just the last straw.

  • Manual therapy itself has a long history of use in the healing of body alignment. It even predates the pharmaceutical industry by centuries, having been found in medical literature since Greek and Roman times.
  • Given the long history, it is obvious then that manual therapeutic medicine should not be taken lightly.

On your first visit here at Osteopathic Medical Practice, a full medical case history will be taken. An examination will be carried out in which you may be asked to perform a few simple movements so that the problem can be assessed. Blood pressure, nerve testing and muscle testing may be performed if necessary.

Following diagnosis, the nature of your problem and proposed treatment, if appropriate, will be discussed with you.

Some treatment is always given in the consultation. Treatments last between 45 minutes to an hour, and between 2-6 sessions are normally required again depending on the condition. Many patients decide to have periodic preventative treatments to avoid recurring problems.