“I have been visiting Inderpreet for Osteopathic treatment for chronic stiffness and discomfort in my back, neck and hip for approximately six months. The treatments, combined with advice on exercises to do at home and general advice on posture has greatly improved my condition, such that I am in need of treatment much less often than when I first began. I am now almost at a “maintenance” level.”

Dr Jackie Applebee | General Practitioner

I have been seeing Inderpreet for my frozen shoulder for 1 month now and already I can reach out for things and have at least 80% improvement in my range of motion. I am so happy and grateful to her as I was in so much pain before and felt disabled in my arm. Inderpreet is very friendly and highly competent at her job.”

Stephen Gates | IT analyst

“To any one considering trying Osteopathy,After trying Chiropractic for two years without much success I was very doubtful about
seeking help from an Osteopath.It was only after one session at the Sutton pain relief centre that my back pain
vanished. I am now able to walk my dog in comfort, go shopping and for days out and know that I will be fine. The welcome is very warm and the treatments painless.I look forward to my maintenance visits once a month and only wish i had a reason to go more often.”

Jenny Green | Retired

“We brought our newborn son to Inderpreet on the advice of our paediatrician. Corin was delivered using forceps and had suffered a fair amount of bruising from compression to his skull. Over the course of three sessions, Inderpreet worked intuitively to relieve tensions throughout his head and body. Her treatment was gentle but effective, and we would happily recommend her to other new parents.”

Jess & Adam Westmoreland | Loving parents

“My 2 week old daughter had been diagnosed with reflux. I had read that cranial osteopathy may help relieve babies with reflux and also those who had a long or difficult birth.Following the first session with Inderpreet I knew she was the right osteopath for my baby. I felt confident my daughter was in good hands and it is so important to feel confident especially when taking your first born to a therapist. Her approach is very professional, she is always happy to answer any questions you may have. As a parent sometimes you have silly questions but she always remains patient and smiley. My baby has tremendously improved throughout the sessions, I can see she is feeling better, vomits less and that osteopathy sessions are good for her. In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Inderpreet if you are looking for a combination of professionalism and kindness. Osteopathy is a long term relationship so it’s very important to feel at ease by choosing the right person. My baby was treated but I can say I would no doubt come back for treatment myself.”

Alexandra Tran | Mother

“Inderpreet has looked after me now for several years, first solving a chronic back condition, then treating me regularly to improve flexibility and suppleness.The best Osteopath I have ever had during the last 30 years!!”

David Fell | Company director

“After my daughter was born I had an excruciating pain around my shoulders and down my back. A friend recommended Inderpreet who fixed me in just one treatment. She also helped me with my breastfeeding which I would have given up on. Inderpreet taught me how to hold my baby in a good position so that she could latch on without causing me any discomfort. I am now breastfeeding my daughter exclusively. Inderpreet went above and beyond the call of duty – Inderpreet truly has healing hands highly recommended.”

Mrs Virdee | Mother

“I visited Osteopathic Medical Practice after suffering intense pain and discomfort down my right leg from the hip to the calf.I saw Osteopath Inderpreet Samrai,who after consultation and assessment soon diagnosed the problem as a pelvic strain. With each visit the pain decreased,after four visits I am now pain and discomfort free, I would recommend Inderpreet to anyone,her skill and caring manner are excellent’

Malcom Lester | Retired

testimonial1“When my son was born he was every unsettled and irritated. There were so many things we noticed such as not being able to turn his head to the right, stiffness in his arm and neck, not latching on properly and other discomforts. We also noticed he made a lot of grunting noises in his sleep which got worse as he started to bring up a lot of milk. We learnt he had a reflux problem and as time went on I started to get nervous about taking him out alone. There were many times where he would not just cry, but scream to the point where we were unable to calm him down. This is when Osteopathy was recommended. I had never heard of this treatment but was willing to give it ago which is when we took our son to see Inderpreet. After the first treatment we started to notice improvements. Even other mothers at my baby group commented on how much more calmer Yadav seemed. As the Osteopathy sessions continued Yadav become more relaxed and a generally happier. Yadav is now 18 weeks old and although he is still attending Osteopathic treatment, he has come a long way.I would recommend Inderpreet to all parents and even mothers who may have pre/post pregnancy pains. Inderpreet is a professional therapist who takes her work seriously and is there with you every step of the way. She goes above and beyond expectations of an Osteopath and I can not thank her enough for her help.”

Tina and Anesh Mistry

“I took my baby girl Maiya, to receive cranial osteopathy from Inderpreet after daily bouts of continuous crying lasting hours at a time. She would arch her back in pain and scream. Nothing seemed to console her, which was extremely distressing for me and my husband as well as Maiya. By the time treatment started, she was barely sleeping, which meant that neither were we!We noticed improvements immediately after the first session. Maiya appeared more relaxed, receptive and calmer. Over the course of sessions we saw more and more progress. Maiya only awakes once during the night for her feed now, she is much less distressed when she is awake and we finally feel that we are able to get to know our little girl. We found we could manage the crying and she began to respond positively to our attempts to comfort her.Maiya is now 11 weeks old. Although still demanding, she is a happy, smiley and interactive baby who sleeps pretty well at night. We would recommend Inderpreets cranial treatments as Maiya certainly benefitted from the sessions and we are now enjoying time with our girl.”

Trudy Cullen

“Our son, Theo was 4 weeks old when he had his first session with Inderpreet.From around 2 weeks, he seemed to be distressed, unsettled and constantly making loud straining noises. Midwives, Health Visitors and GP’S insisted it was normal behaviour but we knew something wasn’t right.A family member suggested we try Osteopathy as they had similar problems with their little one and they had seen remarkable results. Inderpreet confirmed that this was not ‘ normal behaviour’ for a newborn and explained the causes and how the treatments would help.After the initial treatment, the improvement was instantly noticeable and after a series of visits, the straining noises have stopped and he is far more settled and contented. Throughout the treatment process, we have always been impressed with Inderpreet’s knowledge, professionalism and ability to communicate her methods as she works with Theo.We would not hesitate in recommending Inderpreet to anyone and hope more new parents discover her!”

Nicola and Stuart Ross | Parents

“Having used quite a few different methods and practises from chiropractor to acupuncture, I have found you to be very professional and friendly in you approach to treating my problems, I feel that you listen to what my problems are and how it affects my ability to work. I never feel that you are in a rush to finish unlike a lot of places I have used, and also you have put your self out, even when you are not supposed to be at work, to see me and get me mobile again. I like that you use different methods, so if one thing doesn’t work you will try another, I have suffered for many many years with pain, but since I have been coming to your practise have found that most of the time I am with out pain, which is quite an achievement.To sum up I feel that you care about your clients and have an ability to make me feel very relaxed and confident through out the treatment, which has improved my quality of life. I feel comfortable in asking questions about helping and maintaining my posture and always get helpful answer. I would and have recommended you to family and friends, all of which have given a very positive feed back.”

Lynn Stokes |Cattery owner

“I was most impressed with Inderpreet’s clinical ability to diagnose and successfully treat my very painful hip. I had seen other health practitioners in the past but none were able to match Inderpreet’s skills. As a doctor and also as a serious athlete I was becoming increasingly frustrated with not being able to find out what the problem was and now wish I had seen Inderpreet sooner”

Charlie Wills Trainee Doctor

“Like visiting a friend that happens to be an Osteopath. Relaxing, gentle treatment that really works.”

Pat HollidaySelf Employed- Business

“I think Inderpreet is not just about the money and really cares. She takes a whole body approach.”

Zakhia Shah Teacher

“I would describe Inderpreets service as professional, friendly, relaxing at times and thorough. She is different in so much that she uses a variety of treatments to suit various problems. Inderpreet has a genuine need to help the patient get better no matter what.”

Yvonne CoshanTeacher