Techniques Used

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Mobilisation of the shoulder







Osteopaths have many tools in their tool box. At Osteopathic Medical Practice, we have made sure that we can offer you the best possible solution to your pain condition by training in many different techniques.


Harmonics – Gentle, passive rhythmical motions to various parts of the body that help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Soft tissue release – this is massage coupled with stretching to enhance the effect of releasing tension in muscles and fascia. Fascia is a membranous layer of tissue covering each muscle in the body. This can be related to the transparent layer found in an onion after peeling off the skin

Myofascial release – this is an intuitive therapy that follows fascia and muscle into a position of ease helping to release the tightness that has developed through poor posture, stress and lack of activity

Manipulations – these are short fast thrusts applied to the joints, a click may be audible but is not necessary to have an effect. Similar to Chiropractic manipulations but less forceful

Passive and active Stretching – stretch is applied to various muscles in the body with or without the patients resistance to elongate contracted muscle fibres

Neuro muscular technique – this is much deeper and focused massage to various points in the body and can also include trigger point therapy. This can involve holding areas of high tension with a certain amount of pressure until softening is felt

Functional – this again is an intuitive movement based therapy that guides the involved muscle, joint, ligament, bone or fascia into a position of ease and works with the bodys movement patterns until release is established

Cranial – is a subtle touch technique that encourages good motion of bone, joint, ligament, muscle and fascia within bodily fluids

Proprioceptive training– this involves light touch with visualisation to retrain muscles that are constantly tight

Neuromuscular rehabilitation – all joints in the body are surrounded by capsules. This technique opens capsular restrictions through various active movements. It is highly effective for frozen shoulder and disc conditions

Intra oral technique – these are very gentle articulations of bone and membrane inside the mouth to help improve certain conditions like headache, neck pain, whiplash, jaw dysfunction and even low back pain