What to Expect From Us


Case history

20 minutes spent discussing your current pain, past medical and musculoskeletal history and lifestyle.

Osteopathic Postural assessment

Careful observation and examination with active and passive movements.

For example, patient X has shoulder pain. He will be asked to perform a series of movements involving the shoulder (active) and then the therapist will assess the same movements passively so that the joints can be carefully examined without involving muscle tone.

Orthopaedic and neurological

Various testing that stress certain muscle, joints and ligaments in order to eliminate and then diagnose conditions.

Osteopathic treatment

Exercise Prescription, Lifestyle and Behavioural Management

The relative exercises are shown and emailed to the patient. Repeated on following sessions if the patient is unclear.Management may involve for example advising on how to look after your body at work or in the garden, during sporting activities or as a nursing mother.

Naturopathic (Nutritional Advice)

The healing with foods. If necessary, advice is given on the right foods to eat for certain conditions and a diet diary can be kept by the patient and assessed by the therapist to help increase energy levels, lose weight etc.

Antenatal preparation, Osteopathic care during pregnancy and post natal support

With the knowledge I have gained in becoming a doula and the experience I have had with Osteopathy and pregnancy I am able to provide a complete package from conception to birth and there after.I offer Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy for various related pain in addition to education about labour and birth, including pain management options, self awareness and postures towards an easier labour.Please note due to clinic commitment I am unable to be your birth doula.

Ergonomic (work environment) assessment

Advise on how to minimise strain through various parts of the body by controlling the levels and positioning of work equipment.


GP letters and rapid private MRI referral are available free of charge.Medical reports can be provided to insurance companies and solicitors for a nominal fee.

Retailing Forever Living Products

Aloe Vera is a North African plant that is otherwise known as the medicine plant because it possesses so many healing properties. The leaf of this plant contains 75 known nutrients which are essential in our diet to maintain health. Unfortunately we do not always receive these nutrients through our diet due to the imported and packaged goods available to us in this country.Hence drinking and using aloe vera based products can improve and maintain healthy systems within our body.

  • Some of the symptoms it is used to help with:
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Acne
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Joint pains
  • Recurrent infections

This plant helps to support our immune, digestive, respiratory, cardio vascular, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Please see for further information.