Mother & Baby


Pregnancy & Osteopathy

  • In my experience, back pain and SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction) are the commonest pregnancy related problems I have come across to date.

    It also helps with the following during pregnancy:

    • Fluid retention
    • Neck and shoulder strain
    • Headaches
    • Sinus pain
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Piriformis syndrome
    • Sciatica…and many more

    At Osteopathic Medical Practice, we feel it is important to guide and support a ‘mum-to-be’ physically, educationally and emotionally. This includes from time of conception, all the way into motherhood and beyond.

    Your practitioner is not only an experienced Osteopath in this field but also has the added knowledge of a Doula (birthing partner).

    Hence, we can offer the following services:

    • Ante natal support
    • Relief from pregnancy related pains
    • Pelvic checks to ensure smooth delivery of your baby
    • Preparation for labour
    • Post natal support
    • Treatment of newborns up to teens

Antenatal Support

Pregnancy and birth is seen by many to be very daunting and upsetting. However this is only because people are not educated properly about the processes involved.

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to feel in control and make informed decisions about your body and unborn baby.

We do this by educating you on:

  • Birth physiology
  • Birth plans
  • Availability and Impact of drugs and birth procedures
  • Different complications that may arise during pregnancy and birth
  • Optimising foetal positioning

Please note due to clinic commitment I am unable to be your birth doula

Pelvic Checks

We offer postural assessment during pregnancy to diagnose and eliminate any unnecessary strains placed on the body during this very important adaptation process.

Preparation for labour

We teach you how to:

  • Rest your fatiguing posture
  • Move into different positions to ease pain
  • Optimise your babys position for easier birth
  • Get your partner involved
Osteopathy during pregnancy is not all about aligning bones and muscles. It is about supporting the systems of the body (like lymphatic for example) to adapt. We know the lymphatic system is under stress when we start developing very swollen hands and feet with the compression of nerves giving us pins and needles. Osteopathy does not CURE these pregnancy symptoms but definitely reduces the intensity and frequency of them, enabling an easier journey through pregnancy.

Post natal Support

Osteopathically, there is again a wealth of pain conditions we are able to treat. This time your body is adapting to the changes birth created and the postures you are falling into looking after your newborn.

Osteopathic medical practice offers:

  • ‘Time out’ for you in a knowledgeable and supportive environment
  • Reduction in pain levels
  • Postural awareness
  • Post natal exercises
  • Higher energy levels

Birth Stress & Cranial Osteopathy for Babies

It is difficult to appreciate that babies can also suffer from strains within the body, but the fact remains that birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives.

The Baby is subjected to enormous forces whilst twisting and turning down the birth canal. As the Baby grows and learns to suckle, cry and yawn, stresses created at birth are usually released. However, there are times when strains can set in, leaving the Baby uncomfortable. Gentle, Osteopathic treatment helps to release these stresses, allowing the baby to settle.

Lets take an example: headache believe it or not!!

During the birth process, bones can overlap as they mould to help the baby to exit the tiny birth canal. Joints and muscles can become twisted pinching on nerves. Babies cannot tell us they are suffering so they will get irritable, restless and may not want to lie on their backs as the back of their heads are being further compressed.

‘We brought our newborn son to Inderpreet on the advice of our paediatrician. Corin was delivered using forceps and had suffered a fair amount of bruising from compression to his skull. Over the course of three sessions, Inderpreet worked intuitively to relieve tensions throughout his head and body. Her treatment was gentle but effective, and we would happily recommend her to other new parents.’

Jess & Adam Westmoreland, 2008