The Team

Helena Palmer-Bailey (Bsc (Hons) Osteopathy)

I am a registered osteopath trained in therapeutic approaches that are suitable for a
broad range of individuals, from the elderly to pregnant women and babies. I
consider each person as an individual. Utilising gentle techniques, I will work with
your body to create the perfect conditions to encourage the healing process, by
releasing tensions and restrictions between the bones, muscles, nerves, organs and
other tissues
I use a range of interventions which may include onward referral, health
management advice, manual therapy including articulation and manipulation of
joints and soft tissues, acupuncture, cranial, visceral and lymphatic techniques,
sports massage, exercise therapy and others. I adapt my therapeutic approach
depending on the individual needs of the patient and their presenting complaint. I
treat a broad range of musculoskeletal ailments including non-specific low back
pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, joint pains including hip and knee pain from
osteoarthritis, sciatica, disorders of the jaw (TMJ), aches and pains associated with
changes to a women’s body during pregnancy and digestive problems