About Us

A Different Approach

At Osteopathic Medical Practice we continuously focus on improving patient care. This is reflected in how we treat our patients:

“We do not blindly use ‘techniques’ to ‘fix’ you but use my skill to choose the right method of care for your body and your condition.”

I take a whole anatomical approach and work with my hands to apply pressures to specific areas between varying intensities. Although most of my work is gentle, you should feel the benefits immediately during the treatment itself.

A Little Story About Your Osteopath

My short experience working out in Kenya in 2007 created very mixed emotions within me but instilled very positive and useful qualities that have allowed me to become a forward thinking Practitioner. At times i felt like my presence was bringing about change and then i would experience moments of hopelessness and defeat.shellAboutKenyaNew

Every day we would be dealing with adult men and women suffering from AIDS, Malaria and TB all the way to young babies and children with chronic respiratory conditions caused by the huge amount of plastic being burnt outside their homes!

However despite being surrounded by extremely emotional and mentally challenging conditions we persevered in trying to provide pain relief with immediate effect for each and every patient. During my time there we treated hundreds of people suffering with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions – knee pain and headaches being the most common. Our focus was to be proactive as possible and use as many preventive measures as we could to build a more hopeful future for communities. This included purchase of malaria nets, medication and de worming children.

Having this experience I wanted to use and bring back the many skills I learned out there to my UK patients. However one thing stood out the most and that is:

‘No matter how busy or tired I get every patient deserves to be treated as if they are my first of the day- WITHOUT EXCEPTION!’.

Furthermore, my sense of compassion, patience and resilience were pushed to new levels and that will only guarantee that my patients well being remain paramount to Osteopathic Medical Practice!